Since 1998, FORUM OMEGNA hosts a vast collection of objects that have influenced the household industry in Italy and worldwide, displaying products by Alessi, Calderoni, Girmi, Lagostina, La Nuova Faro, Irmel, Tracanzan and Piazza.

The Permanent Collection revisits Omegna’s industrial history, from its beginning in the 19th century until today. Explanatory boards and memorable advertising campaigns accompany the items on display, adding further details to the factories’ fascinating stories.

The pictures portraying Omegna’s factory owners and founders allow a privileged look at the lives of these extraordinary personalities, enhancing the involvement of the visitors.

The exhibition is divided into four rooms that occupy two floors of the building. In addition to its great impact in terms of communication, it represents a promotional opportunity for our local enterprises. It is also considered a “LIVING EXPOSITION”: a guided tour is available on visitors’ demand, during which the objects can be touched, opened and even disassembled, so that a visitor may achieve a full knowledge of their technology through a multisensory experience.